What is startup?

  • Early stage in the life cycle of an enterprise where the entrepreneur moves from the idea stage to securing financing, laying down the basis structure of the business, and initiating operations or trading.


  1. Enable you to feel less alone and realize that all startups are very hard.
  2. Help you identify your fears and how they might be unconsciously driving you.
  3. Provide you with coping skills so that your startup can be more manageable.
  4. Help you to be more honest with yourself and others so that you and the tech industry can perform better.


Our Startup Services

CoWorkingHUB offers five customised services to help clients launch innovations for low-income markets.

CoworkingHUB Feasibility Study services helps clients assess the feasibility of new innovations in low-income
markets. Client benefits include:

Ability to adapt business models to on-ground realities
Validated assumptions about value proposition and customer segments
Increased learning and improved innovations through customer feedback

Pilot Management

CoworkingHUB Pilot Management services helps clients design and manage pilots for new products or
markets. Client benefits include:

Extensive field research support to determine the viability of innovations and business models
Improved market penetration through clear identification of key stakeholders and value propositions
Ongoing market feedback through monitoring and evaluation protocols

CoworkingHUB Cooperation Models services help clients develop effective structures to work with other
organsations in low-income markets. Client benefits include:

Analysis and selection of the most effective models to collaborate with partners
Ongoing support to strengthen and scale effective collaborations
Improved integration of innovations into core businesses

Startup Support

CoworkingHUB Startup Support services provide clients tailored support to launch innovations in low-income
markets. Client benefits include:

Comprehensive design and execution support for developing and refining business models
Ability to become investment ready faster with tailored support
Improved integration of innovations into core businesses

Investment Ready

CoworkingHUB Investment Ready service helps get clients ready for an investment. Client benefits

Completed fundraising collaterals including investor presentations, business plans and financial models
Strengthened understanding of pitching, business reviews, due diligence and deal structuring
Increased capacity and skills to build relationships, raise capital and negotiate investment terms